daily prompt: vice


This man tried to convince me, by  his unsmiling face, that the women talked him into eating ice cream. It is his one vice and he had managed to stay away, but darn it! They made him eat ice cream.

Don’t worry, buddy. I believe you…..


They made me eat this!

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happy Monday

Last week was a busy week for me: PET scan, chemo, oncology visit, CT of my cervical spine and follow-up visit with the surgeon. Whew!

Good news first: Chemo is kicking ass! When the doctor compared this PET scan with the first one I had in January, it was like night and day. Picture a Jackson Pollock painting (thanks to my son for the vivid comparison!); that is what my first scan looked like. Cancer splashed everywhere. But now…now…two spots remain. On my liver. The liver that was first operated on last December and that the surgeon wanted to go back and operate on in April. Hold on, doc. The cancer lesions are shrinking. Yes, there is no need for surgery now. Yay!

The not-so-good news: The surgeon had concerns about my neck. As he says, the cage is not going anywhere. The disks he fused are doing fine with the plates and screws. It is the muscles underneath the disk that cause him concern. They might be causing my neck to flex forward. He said in five years he might need to go through the back of my neck again to fix that. I blanked after he came out with that little gem. I think I can honestly state there is no way that I will have another neck surgery. No way. I am working my shoulder/neck muscles harder through exercise and weights. There has to be a way to strengthen these muscles.

The cancer is the killer and the chemo is doing a super job on that. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I think I will be OK.

The other? Well, that is simply a pain in the neck.

Life is good. Have a great week.

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daily prompt: cheat


Come on, buddy. I think it might be cheating to bark and growl in order to become a member.

Just fill out the paperwork and give them a paw print for the background check.


I want to talk to whosever I charge of membership…..

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daily prompt: mistake


Well this was a mistake!

I am dying here with sleeves on. Who knew it was going to get so warm? My hair is starting to frizz! I don’t think my jewelry matches my outfit…..this entire day is turning into one HUGE mistake.

DSCN6524 (2)

Don’t look at me that way; I can’t do a thing with my hair this morning.

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daily prompt: obvious


Obviously, Kitty (bless her little heart) did not get the message that Parker is the boss in this house.

2014-03-25 003_crop

You are sitting my MY space, Kitty! Now move it…..please.

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daily prompt: learning


I learned something new over the weekend.

Want to catch fish? Use dog food. But only one kind of dog food…the kind that floats. That attracts the fish. Said this old-timer who I had no reason to doubt as I watched him haul in fish, after fish, after fish.

And wearing your lucky fishing shirt never hurts, either.

Fishing with dog food (3)

Stand back, little lady. I’m ready to cast….

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happy monday

No, no! Not ready for Monday.

006 (2)

Go away, Monday. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

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daily prompt: jeopardize


Yikes, mister! Keep feeding those pelicans ‘by hand’ and we’ll be calling you ‘Lefty’ from now on.

2014-01-25 005

Open wide……

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daily prompt: youth


Couple of things I envy about today’s youth:

  1. There is no way I could ever sit in a chair this way…and get up from said chair.
  2. I never wear my tutu to go grocery shopping!
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daily prompt: moon


I do what I can with my little point and shoot….always aiming for the stars.

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